The Team.
David Green.
Since graduating with a Fine Art degree in 1997 David has taken ‘Ameritz’ from cassette tapes to streaming. Always independently driven, ‘Ameritz’ has grown from a catalogue of around 2500 tracks to now approaching 200,000. The majority of the recordings are instrumental cover versions and full cover versions, in addition to many other original recordings.

As director he works on the long term strategy of ‘Ameritz’ and the legal framework for the company to operate within. Always profitable, ‘Ameritz’ is now turning heads within the broader music industry.

David is married with two children.

Richard Alexander Barnes.
Label Relations Manager
Richard started working for Backing Trax in early 2012. Having he being an avid fan of music and a musician in his own right, the role of working within a digital music company was a comfortable fit.

Through Richards personal endeavours he has recorded two albums and several Ep’s of his own material, which is reminiscent of early 60’s soul and more modern Indie Rock music.

As a Label Relations manager its Richard’s job to organise and oversee the ingestion of content from our label partners throughout the world.

From Monday to Friday Richard works closely with music label personnel and production teams. His deep knowledge of music, from modern pop to classic helps focus the team and deliver premium products for our users

Christopher Fox.
Licensing Manager
Chris seeks out new licensing partners for ‘Ameritz’ He is well networked within the industry and negotiates business relationships between ‘Ameritz’ and potential partners.

Chris’s personal musical endeavours have allowed him to explore many musical avenues, giving him a deep understanding of global music and global music rights.

As a Licensing manager its Chris’s job provide ongoing contractual support and legal guidance for content providers from the initial meeting to accounting.

Nick Flack.
Graphic Designer
Nick started working for Backing Trax in early 2011. Having worked in various graphic design agencies, since graduating, Nicks love of the arts and music lead him to his role at ‘Ameritz’

Fully proficient on most industry standard software packages, Nick has worked commercially for almost 10 years. From Monday to Friday Nick can be seen working on a ‘Punk’ album in the morning and a ‘Mozart’ cover in the afternoon, treating both with a dedication to the genre they deserve.

Nick is married with two children.

James Brown.
Graphic Designer
James has been working for Backing Trax since April 2013 having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design. His knowledge in the evolution of music packaging gained whilst at University has given him a sound understanding of album cover design.

James works alongside Nick designing covers providing Backing Trax with a fresh outlet whilst maintaining the high standard which the music industry demands.

As well as designing, James’ role also includes checking and correcting metadata before submitting releases via distribution and retail channels.

Lewis Owen Heath.
Classical Music Specialist
Lewis has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Drama Performance and is the newest member of the Backing Trax team.

From a young age, Lewis has always shown a great interest in the classical arts, studying Ballet and other forms of dance right through to his further education. Lewis’ interest in classical music really began to show during his degree where he studied music as part of his arts degree.

Lewis is the Classical music specialist at Ameritz. He organises and oversees the ingestion of classical music content from our label partners throughout the world. He creates and formats classical music metadata and works closely with our creative team to form releases.

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